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need help paying bills

out in oregon started this conversation

Hard working mother work full time but its just not enough anything helps electrics due to be shut off and growing

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My 8 yr old granddaughter was in a dangerous situation .my husband, not his bio gdagter, and I went to great lenghts to find and get guardianship. I missed a lot of work due to freaking out over her. We finally got her thank God but my husband left! I need help. Attrny fees mortgage you name it plz
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My advice is that you need to go to The Salvation Army and they help you out with food and payinghalf of the bill.

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I am in need of a lung transplant and am bi polar which has gotten worse due to need of transplant. I am looking desperately for scholarships and grants to fund my last yr of 2 at college for paralegal. Any advice is greatly appreciated. please email me at hoover.paralegal @ yahoo . com Thank you all kindly Becca

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am a young mother of 2 boys ages 2 &3 and i just got laid offf i need help any help i can get to make basic ends meet am curently facing an eviction 30 days to move please help

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I'm in need of help paying off these debts bill collectors are calling me everyday I'm disable have one source of income can someone please help me I really need the help

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I found this website and i'm in desperate need...I'm a hardworking individual and just can't make ends meet with the debts that has come upon my fiance and I.. He got injured in the job and can barely do the things he use to do .. So he has missed alot of work and i just don;t make enough to pay our bills ..we have tried to talk to a lawyer about his situation, but it was just a waste of time and in the mean time we are so behind on our debts. I cannot eat or sleep. I have bad asthma and stress dosen't help the situation, so I cannot call in sick , because i cannot afford to. If there is a kind hearted person to help us out please contact me .. Grace

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